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Habitus Mimarlık

Architecture in Pandemic Term

An event series organized by the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Architects of TMMOB, bringing together architects, educators and public personnel from the sector, to discuss the transformations in architectural practice during the pandemic and the future of architecture, e-State of Architecture. Within the scope of the event series, the Habitus team also took part in the discussions on the processes in the project offices.

Experience of the trip Bosnia and Herzegovina with MBN

“Mimarlık Bunun Neresinde?”, one of the student organizations affiliated with Yıldız Technical University. We also took part in the conversation series that the team started with the theme of experiencing different spaces through the architects during the pandemic process. Within the scope of the talk, discussions were carried out on the experience of the trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina and the human desire to explore and space fictions.

(Fiction and reality are interpreted together.)
Rose Island is a story where thoughts and dreams come true. It is a 400 m2 island platform that was created by a ‘crazy’ engineer and his friends off Italy in the libertarian environment of the 1968s. But the subject is much more than what is summed up in one sentence. While watching the recently released movie “The Incredible Story of the Rose Island” with joy and laughter, it is a section of a period where we are astonished with real images at the end of the film.

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Corona Emergency Space Intensive Care Unit

In corona pandemic days, a group of architects came together for creating a multidisciplinary network. The action aims to gather in one source of design projects for urgent spaces and organisation ideas. As Habitus Architecture, we contributed this project by designing an intensive care unit. All project details and resource informations can be reached from this website:

Island Meetings ‘Art Island Büyükada’

The organization Island Meetings ‘Art Island Büyükada’ is executed on February, 2020 for the discussion of qualified and user-oriented planning in Princess Islands. Mahmut Nüvit led the conversations and many multidisciplinary participants attended. Habitus Architecture participated with a presentation about an art route in Büyükada Market area. It was an interactive meeting, which included landscape arrangements and designs. 

5. National Architectural Conservation Project and Applications Symposium

TMMOB Chamber of Architects of İstanbul organized the 5. National Architectural Conservation Project and Applications Symposium. We attended to this symposium with our topic of Göztepe Train Station. In the scope of Marmaray Project, Somun Construction was the contractor of the historical train station. The architectural author Mehmet Ünal presented the structure in the event.  This symposium involves a variety of restoration projects & applications, which is one of the signaficant organizations in the conservation area.


I think some structures, like some art items, are reading silent but noisy manifestos to the world where they stand. In this way, they make the user / audience connected beyond admiring them. It is like a sentence in which we recite the implied words over and over again, a commitment brought by the desire to experience every detail, every ray of light on it, every color and every trace without leaving a single overlooked meaning.
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